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Dean’s List FTTM ITB Semester I 2021/2022

Dean’s List FTTM ITB Semester I 2021/2022

FTTM ITB – FTTM held a Dean’s List and Study Program Introduction event which was held on Friday, February 18, 2022 starting at 14.00 – 16.00 WIB. The event was held online through a Zoom meeting, and was attended by the Dean of FTTM, Dean for Academic Affairs FTTM,  Dean for Resources of FTTM, Heads of Study Programs and Guardian Lecturers of TPB 2021. This event aims to provide motivation, welcome new students in 2021, provide information about the FTTM study program which was submitted directly by the Head of the respective Study Program, and continued with the 2021 TPB student interaction event with the guardian lecturer.

The Dean’s List FTTM award was given to 60 TPB Students, 122 Mining Engineering Undergraduate Students, 216 Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate Students, 74 Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Students, and 129 Metallurgical Engineering Undergraduate Students, Mining and Petroleum Engineering Faculty (FTTM) Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Among them there are students who get NR 4.00, namely:


  1. 12120111 Inzagi Suhendar // Bachelor of Mining Engineering
  2. 12120072 Muhammad Syahrul Aziz // Bachelor of Mining Engineering
  3. 12119059 Mario Wijaya // Bachelor of Mining Engineering
  4. 12119033 Fherin Julia Fortuna // Bachelor of Mining Engineering
  5. 12119016 Marlina Wahyunintan Putri // Bachelor of Mining Engineering
  6. 12220089 Yusuf Kurniawan // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  7. 12219002 Thariq Kemal // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  8. 12218087 Febri Dwi Avianto // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  9. 12218078 Alfredo Ramasurya Wony’s // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  10. 12218056 Al Rizki Dwi Lanang // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  11. 12218053 Muhammad Ilham Saleh // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  12. 12218049 Arjuna Reindra Gamara Paseru // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  13. 12218019 Iqbal Fauzi // Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering
  14. 12318048 Tiara // Bachelor of Geophysical Engineering
  15. 12520084 Axelino Kurniawan Henanto // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  16. 12520076 Muhammad Ghazi Algifari // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  17. 12520030 Wilbert Yap // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  18. 12520029 Faizah ‘Ainur Ridlo // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  19. 12520020 Made Dhaneswara Pranakusuma // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  20. 12520002 Albert Suryadinata // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  21. 12519066 Abrar Taimullah // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  22. 12519019 Amalia Jihan Nabilah // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  23. 12518049 Muhammad Al-Ghifari Taufan // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  24. 12518032 Disha Fitri Azalia // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  25. 12518008 Amyra Nur Rahmani // Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering
  26. 16421010 Muhammad Davi Hafizzyhaq // TPB FTTM
  27. 16421269 Azmi Dasa Al-Arkaany // TPB FTTM
  28. 16421279 Okta Gunawan // TPB FTTM


The purpose of giving this award is as an appreciation of student achievements in studying at FTTM and is expected to continue to motivate the enthusiasm of other students, especially new students in 2021.

After reading the names of the recipients of the Dean’s List Semester I 2021/2022 award, the event continued with a presentation on “Learning Motivation” at ITB by Muhammad Ilham Saleh, a Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate Student. Then the event is filled with information on the introduction of the study program submitted by each Head of the Study Program. In this session, 2021 new students will get detailed information about the curriculum of the study program they will choose later.

The event of interaction and discussion between the 2021 New Students and the Guardian Lecturers of TPB 2021 became the closing event on this agenda. In this session, students can be directed directly by the guardian lecturer for the selection process of study programs, and students can consult about the academic problems they currently face.