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Drilling Technique, Production and Management of Oil and Gas

The Technical Scheme of Drilling, Production and Management of Oil and Gas (KK TPPMM) is a merger of similiar expertise originally under the Department of Petroleum Engineering. In the TPPMM KK developed a spirit of togetherness to develop the ability of lecturers and strived to produce good quality result that can be use on the national and internation oil and gas industry by implementation of education, research and community service read more


Reservoir Technique

Vision: To be a scientific / scientific group that able to do educational activity, research, community service, and develop engineer with good reservoir technical knowledge, who preserve, apply, and develop engineering techniques reservoir that support the development of oil engineering science.


Mission: Develops, creates, teaches, shares and implements reservoir engineering knowledge to produce excellent petroleum engineer and support the operations and national petroleum industry.


Policy Direction and Strategy: Policy Direction and Strategy KK Reservoir Engineering follows the framework that  objectives related with the mission of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi, external circumstances (environment), human resources, and organization KK Engineering Reservoir read more


Earth Resources Exploration

Earth Resources Exploration Expertise Group (ESDB), the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung is a group of expertise on  Exploration of Earth Resources, especially in exploration: minerals and coal, groundwater, geothermal, and environmental components of the earth read more


Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering Sciences Group is a group of expertise in the of the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering (FTTM) ITB using scientific principles of physics, mathematics and chemistry as well as engineering processes to explain the phenomena occurring in mineral processing processes and coal mining activities, extraction of metals and minerals as well as metal alloy engineering including the mechanical properties of metallic properties with their structure, the phenomenon of metallic reinforcement processes and the failure and degradation of functions due to their interaction with the environment, and recycling, and further to utilize them for the sake of increasingly prosperous life read more


Mining Engineering

The Mining Engineering Expertise Group (KK-TA) is one of eight expertise groups within the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering that focuses specifically on scientific development related to mineral and coal mining activities. KK-TA currently consists of 12 lecturers with a scientific background of Mining engineering divided into Geomechanics, Mining and Mineral Economics sub group read more


 Applied Geophysics and Exploration

The Applied Geophysical and Exploration Sciences Group has 12 members with areas of Geophysical Exploration expertise, Imaging Geophysics, Geoelectromagnetics, Engineering & Environmental Geophysics, and Applied Geophysics read more


 Global Geophysics

The Global Geophysical Science Group has 9 members with a field of expertise in Seismology, Seismology and Exploration, Seismology and Tomography, and Rock Magnetism read more


Seismology Exploration and Engineering

The Scientific Seismology Exploration and Engineering group has 8 members with Geographical Reservoir Geophysics, Geophysics Imaging, Exploration Geophysics, Exploration with Seismic, and Geophysics Electronics read more


Geothermal Engineering

read more