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Alumni Information

Alumni Contribution

Alumni and places where alumni work  have provided assistance / donation of funds for various student activities, such as:

  • Cost for organizing guest lecture students  activities  that related to professional fields (consumption, certificates for students, etc beside being instructors in guest lecture activities held)
  • Fees for students who will attend international conferences on topics related to professional fields
  • Fees for professional competitions (IUGC / Indonesian Undergraduate Geophysics Competition)

Not only money contributions, but also another contribution is provided by alumni such as facilities/equipment that can be used for the laboratory development (granting of hardware /software license):

  • Alumni has contributed chair classroom named LUFO L-150, repairing Seminar and Meeting Room on Mining Engineering Program Study, interior renovation Executive Room on Petroleum Engineering, development Lift Machine (Brand KONE, capacity 8 people, for 5 floors , on Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering FTTM ITB)
  • Alumni has provided Library Development with size area is ​​213 m2. In this library, there are 2 book rooms, 2 reading rooms and waiting room at Labtek IV North Building, Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Department FTTM ITB
  • The alumni who work at PGS (Petroprima GeoServis Nusantara) have helped the Geophysical Engineering Program Study by involving their company to donate Workstation, Server, UPS: 6 x Riello 60kVA, HDD LSDisk, rack (14 HDD), etc
  • The alumni who working on Schlumberger Western Geco have helped the Geophysical Engineering Program Study by involving their companies to donate OMEGA software licenses for geophysical data processing
  • UPP Chevron has purchased geophysical equipment that used for field activities, such as seismic sources, micro-seismic equipment, gravity, etc
  • Alumni working in Halliburton has helped Prodi TM to obtain Promax software license
  • Giving books, journals, papers etc
  • The alumni provide monthly routine activities such as Guest Lecture, Alumni Sharing, Professional Seminar, for students with materials course is depend on the needs of students, whether related to the field of earth or in other fields (soft skills)
  • The alumni are involved in each semester meeting to monitor the students’ academic evaluation and motivate the students
  • Alumni are involved to share experiences on faculty students who will choose the Study Program
  • Alumni becomes a supervisor who performs Final Project in the Industry where alumni work
  • The department gives a questionnaire for alumni and companny either directly or through mail list as self evaluation material to the graduates produced by department and to the improvement of curriculum and learning process in department

Collaboration between department and alumni has built networking through various scientific meeting activities which not only for gathering event, but also for cooperation research and community service. Various cooperation has also involved students who are doing Final Research.

Alumni provides facilities for excursion activities related to professional activity (student visits to companies or institutions) and provides facilities for student final assignments at companies where alumni work.

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