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Research Areas

Earth Resources Exploration Research Group conducts research activities in the areas of: mineral exploration, coal, groundwater, geothermal, modeling and resource estimation and mineral and coal reserves, and mining environmental analysis. The main research program in  the KK-ESDB for 2016 are the development of integrated research topics covering genetic models of mineral deposits, organic material deposits, groundwater and geothermal stresses on the management of new and conventional forms of conventional and non-conventional energy sources renewable. To achieve the objectives of the main program, several major activities have been conducted in 2016 covering research topics in the fields of minerals, geostatistics, non-conventional energy (oil shale), coal characterization for underground coal gasification, and geothermal.

Mining Engineering Research Group has a research roadmap from 2016 to 2020 with focus research about safe procedure for open and underground mining activity, environmentally friendly and provides optimum benefits. The large research program will be achieved by collaboration among sub-field of KK existing in KK Mining Engineering, namely: Geomechanics and Mining Technology, Mining Environment, Policy and Economics of Mineral and Coal.

Current and ongoing research at Metallurgical Engineering Research Group includes bioflotation, up-grading of low rank coal, utilization of industrial minerals especially zeolite, advanced oxide system engineering, hydrometallurgy and nickel ore bio-hydrometallurgy, copper, gold and tin, iron extraction from litterite and iron sand, rare soil metal extraction, high strength steel engineering, atimicrobial metal alloys and medical uses as well as metal alloys for high temperature (superalloy), corrosion and coating applications.

Reservoir Engineering Research Group  plays a role in developing methods of increasing acquisition in oil and gas (EOR, CBM and nonconventional hydrocarbons) and geothermal.