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Vision and Mission

Referring to the direction of ITB’s long-term development and the decisions of the ITB Academic Senate (SA) regarding ITB’s Vision and Mission as stated in SK SA No.09/SK/I1-SA/OT/2011. So in its development the FTTM Vision and Mission underwent discussions at the lecturer level up to the FTTM Senate and eventually became a new Vision and Mission to adapt to future conditions and situations. This Vision and Mission is stated in the FTTM Senate Decree No. 22/IT1.C05.3/SK-OT/2021. The parties involved in compiling the FTTM vision and mission are all lecturers, students, and non-educational staff especially to get input from them.

Our Vision

To become a faculty that excels in the fields of exploration, production, utilization of earth’s resources and natural disaster mitigation that contributes to improving the quality of the natural, economic and social environment, for the welfare of the Indonesian people and mankind.

Our Mission

Creating, sharing and applying knowledge and technology of managing natural resources and disaster mitigation and producing superior human resources, especially in Indonesia and the world. Carry out the process of managing higher education tridharma in a transparent, accountable, responsible, independent and fair manner in order to achieve the best role of FTTM.


In order to realize the vision and carry out the mission of FTTM ITB, strategic goals are formulated that must be achieved by FTTM, which include general goals and specific goals. FTTM’s Strategic Objectives generally refer to ITB’s Strategic Objectives as follows:

  1. Realizing ITB as a Globally Respected and Locally Relevant University with the wider use and impact of its innovation work at the international level.
  2. Improving capabilities and synergizing ITB centers of excellence with the dynamics of development in the fields of science, technology, arts, social and humanities, and
    business in the world.
  3. Develop a good PTN-BH (Legally incorporated university) higher education governance system in the form of a multi-campus system that is integrated and based on the latest technology in a productive manner.

While the FTTM Strategic Objectives specifically are as follows:

Increasing the role and contribution of FTTM ITB in the fields of exploration, production, utilization of natural resources and mitigation of natural disasters as an effort to improve the quality of the natural, economic and social environment, for the welfare of the Indonesian nation and humanity.

FTTM ITB will basically be developed into an educational institution by prioritizing the uniqueness of Indonesia’s tectonics, especially in the fields of mineral resources, coal, energy, and mitigation of earth disasters. By relying on the uniqueness of FTTM’s development, FTTM has the opportunity to become an educational institution in the field of excellent science and technology of exploration, exploitation and utilization of minerals and metals, energy, and mitigation of earth disasters.
In addition, FTTM also has the potential to become an international-scale research institution by prioritizing an orientation towards sustainable research and exploring Indonesia’s tectonic uniqueness in managing mineral, coal, energy resources, and mitigating earthly disasters.