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Undergraduate Program in Geophysical Engineering

Undergraduate Program in Geophysical Engineering

Geophysics Engineering is a science that studies the physical and dynamic aspects of the earth as well as data acquisition and processing regarding these natural phenomena. In Geophysics Engineering, students learn the development of technology for the utilization of earth resources and the natural environment, as well as earth disaster management.
In the Geophysics Engineering study program, there are four major study groups, namely exploration of earth resources; reservoir; imaging and data processing; and engineering and environment.
Students are encouraged to learn the dynamics of the earth. For example, the plates that make up the earth are not static but move and shift slowly. We don’t realize it because the shift is so subtle, but every year it turns out that there is a change in position. Then why are there areas on earth declared prone to earthquakes and why are some not. How are the distribution of earthquake-prone points.
Apart from learning the earth science theory, students will also spend time in the laboratory. The sciences studied in principle are all things related to the earth and its solid parts. In the lecture process, students will also be familiar with some software that will help in modeling phenomena that occur on earth. When natural disasters occur such as earthquakes, landslides, broken plates of the earth’s crust, a graduate of Geophysics Engineering has responsibility in explaining and how to deal with natural disaster using knowledge obtained in the Geophysics Engineering departments. What is meant by mitigation is prevention and efforts to minimize the negative impact of the natural disaster. Because as humans we are unable to resist events, but we are able to seek supporting means to minimize their impact.

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Work prospect A graduate of Geophysics Engineering has very broad job prospects both at national and international level, including :

  • Government agencies:
    • Pertamina
    • Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Directorate of Mineral Resources Inventory, Center for Geological Research and Development)
    • BMKG (Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency)
    • BRIN (National Research and Innovation Agency)
  • Private: Field of exploration, exploitation, data acquisition, data processing of Geophysical Engineering, consultants, etc.for example in some companies like:
    • Caltex Pacific Indonesia
    • Elnusa Geosciences
    • Medco Energi
    • UNOCAL
    • British Petroleum
    • PT Freeport Indonesia
    • Geo Services
    • Schlumberger
    • Total Energy
    • etc