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Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM)

MBKM activity recognition procedure / credit earning process:

  1. Students submit to the supervisor of MBKM activities, activity reports in the form of activity results and the process of implementing activities in the form of:
    • Report
    • Poster
    • Activity Videos
    • Reports are submitted to the supervisor
  2. Furthermore, the supervisor assesses the preparation, implementation process and results of the activity, as well as looking at the weight of the activity, related to the number of credits and MK that will be used as a form of activity recognition.
  3. The results of the evaluation by the supervisor of MBKM activities are conveyed to the Head of study program and if necessary discuss with the head of study program, especially regarding the study program curriculum.
  4. Ask the head of study program to convey the value and name of MK and SKS as MK place holder. To be approved by the dean.

The Head of Study Program fills in mbkm activities in the SIX section of student activities. This process is carried out at any time, it does not have to be during the FRS at the beginning of the semester.