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Master’s Program in Geothermal Engineering

Master's Program in Geothermal Engineering

The Geothermal Master Program deliver integrated education programs from exploration, feasibility assessment, steam field development (exploitation) to utilization of geothermal energy both for the electrical power generation, as well as for direct use (non-electric) to produce graduates who can meet the needs and demands of the geothermal industry, academic and research institutions, and government institutions. Master’s Degree Program “Geothermal Engineering” is oriented to the mastery and development of science and technology. The Geothermal Master’s degree is divided into two fields / paths of choice: Exploration and Engineering, Geothermal Exploration covers geology, geophysics and geochemistry used for geothermal survey and exploration and development. Engineering path cover exploitation techniques and geothermal utilization, drilling techniques, reservoir engineering, production techniques, electrical conversion techniques (power generation) and direct utilization of geothermal fluid. Both of paths are supplemented by: environmental, management and economic analysis, feasibility analysis / evaluation of geothermal prospects and research methodology.

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