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Master’s Program in Geophysical Engineering

Master's Program in Geophysical Engineering

The Geophysics Engineering Masters Study Program aims to provide knowledge in a balanced way in the following specialization areas:

  1. Geophysics theory and methods including error quantification
  2. Problem definition, characteristics of an acceptable scientific solution, and an understanding of the effort required to reach an acceptable solution
  3. The linkage of geophysics with other scientific and engineering disciplines
  4. Oral and non-verbal communication techniques
  5. Collaboration and project management

To achieve the above educational goals, students are exposed to classroom learning methods and laboratory work instructions, thesis research, seminars, field trips, preparation of proposals and papers, as well as presentations at professional meetings. Not only that, students will also be given short-term work assignments on sponsored projects. Student communication skills can be obtained by creating interactions with various faculties, research staff, other students, as well as scientists and engineers outside the campus.

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