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Laboratoty – Geophysical Instrumentation and Electronics

Short Description
The laboratory is a room both closed and open that is designed according to the needs to carry out activities related to the functions of education, research and community service. The activities in question are activities that are mutually integrated and supported by the existence of an infrastructure needed for the realization of optimal results. Laboratories in tertiary institutions are places where practicum and research activities take place that support scientific learning and development. FTTM Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory is an educational and teaching laboratory focused on learning for students; S-1; S-2 and S-3.

Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory Functions and Activities

  1. Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory . Education and teaching laboratory (teaching laboratory). So far it has been used for practicum courses in Electronics Geophysics (TG – 2106) and practicum in Instrumentation and Geophysics courses (TG – 3106) from 27 May 2015 – 10 May 2016
  2. Research laboratory (research laboratory). The laboratory is also used by students who take part in research activities: PKM (Student Creativity Week), Final Assignment/Thesis/Dissertation of S1/S2/S3 students or activities related to scientific development related to the Geophysics method.
  3. Workshop (workshop). The laboratory is also used to develop/make tools related to various methods related to Geophysics (geophone wireless, MEMS technology development, and so on). Development of tools Geophysical methods for agriculture are one of the parts being developed by the Instrumentation Laboratory and Electronics today. Aside from being an Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory Workshop, it also functions to store/maintain/repair existing Geophysics tools.
  4. Future plans : Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory can function as
    • Laboratory testing (test laboratory)
    • Calibration laboratory (calibration laboratory)
    • Simulation laboratory (simulation laboratory)

With the functioning of the Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory as a test, calibration, simulation, it is hoped that it can provide good services to internal or other parties who need our services or services.