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Laboratory – Petroleum Engineering Computer

Short Description
This Computer Laboratory is a laboratory that is used to assist the teaching and learning process and student research, especially in the Petroleum Engineering environment. This laboratory has 48 computers which contain several software used by the industry, especially the oil and gas industry.

This laboratory has established good cooperation with other parties or leading software vendors in the petroleum industry, for example Schlumberger, Computer Modeling Group, IHS, Petroleum Expert and Senergy. From this collaboration, the Computer Laboratory can have 10 to 50 educational licenses for each software that comes from these vendors. The software includes reservoir simulation, reservoir fluid analysis, material balance, well testing, production analysis, petrophysical analysis and others.

This collaboration allows teachers of several courses with material related to complex calculations and requires the assistance of industrial software, to use software assistance whose licenses are available in this laboratory.

In addition, this laboratory is also used for student activities (training) as extra-curricular activities and possibly training for the industry as long as the vendor/owner of the software used knows.

Laboratory Activities:

  • As a student workspace that requires a computer/software in the laboratory.
  • Training/extracurricular for students who need a computer.
  • Short Course collaboration between the TM-ITB Masters Program and IFP School, France.
  • Part of the teaching and learning activities for courses related to the use of existing software on computers in the laboratory.

Multiphase flow Course and Application of OLGA, oleh Martin Gainville, TM-ITB & IFP-School