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Laboratory – Mineralogy, Microscopy and Geochemistry

Short Description
This laboratory provides educational and research services in the field of characterization of inorganic (minerals) and organic (hydrocarbon) materials. There are three units, namely the Mineralogy Unit which is devoted to the identification and description of minerals megascopically, in terms of crystallography and other physical properties such as color, streak color, hardness, cleavage, luster, magnetism, etc. The Microscopy Unit is devoted to microscopic identification and description of minerals and organic matter based on the optical properties of polarized light, either in the form of white light (halogen lamps) or fluorescent light (HBO lamps). The Geochemical Unit is devoted to testing the chemical composition of samples obtained from geochemical exploration activities such as active sediment samples (stream sediment samples), soil samples, rock samples, etc.

Educational Activities

  • Practical TA2101 Crystals and Minerals
  • Practical TA4113 Organic Petrology
  • Practicum TA3213 Geochemical Exploration and Ore Analysis
  • Practical TA4213 Mineragraphy

Research Activities

  • Mineralogy study of titan and iron ore in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara
  • Study of sulfide ore mineralization in the Poboya area, Palu, Sulawesi
  • Study of the characteristics of oil shale in the Sawahlunto and Kiliran Jao areas
  • Environmental study of coal deposition in the Murung Raya area, Central Kalimantan in relation to cokeability

Laboratory Computer

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