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Laboratory – Mineral Economics and Computing

Short Description
The Mineral Economics and Computing Laboratory is one of the supporting facilities for teaching and learning activities in the FTTM-ITB Mining Engineering Study Program and the FTTM-ITB Mining Engineering Study Program. Currently, this laboratory is under the leadership of Dr. Nuhindro Priagung Widodo, ST, MT. as laboratory manager. This laboratory has an area of about 28 m2 which is divided into 2 rooms with an area of about 14 m2 each. The first room is designated as a student discussion room, while the second room is designated as a practicum room.

As explained in the previous section, the Mineral Economics and Computational Laboratory is used for teaching and learning activities and research in the field of mineral and coal economics which includes:

  • Minerba availability
  • Problems of supply–demand of mineral and coal
  • Exploration, development, mining, and processing/refining activities
  • Financing methods and structures and cost components in the mining industry
  • Minerba policy analysis
  • Minerba policy formulation
  • Utilization of mineral and coal commodities
  • Cost and method of transporting mining products
  • Impact of technological and economic changes in the mining industry

Discussion Room
This discussion room is generally used by undergraduate level 4 students (semester 7 and above) with the topic of Mineral Economics research and students of the master program in the special field of Management and Minerba Economics to discuss, work on assignments, and complete their research (either Final Project or Thesis). In addition, this room can also be used for lecture activities with up to 12 lecture participants.

Practicum Room
This practicum room is used for practicum activities for several subjects, both undergraduate and master program courses. Practicums conducted for undergraduate programs include the following:

  • TA3201 Geostatistics for Resource Modeling
  • TA4101 Mine Planning
  • TA5219 Econometrics and Forecasting
  • TA6121 Analysis of Decision Making

The time for using the laboratory follows the regulations from UPT K3L, namely during working hours from 07.00 – 17.00 WIB Monday – Friday. Use of the laboratory outside of business hours must be approved by the laboratory manager.


Documentation of Economics and Computing Mineral Laboratory Activities