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Laboratory – Exploration Geophysics

Short Description
Exploration Geophysics Laboratory is a facility for academic and research activities related to exploration geophysics activities. Exploration geophysics activities include gravity and geomagnetic methods. The Exploration Geophysics Laboratory is under the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, located in the BSC-B Building, 2nd floor of TG ITB.

Educational Activities:

  • Weekly meetings to monitor the progress of student final project studies
  • Helping with the preparation of lectures and practicums for several subjects of the ITB Geophysics Engineering study
  • program (Gravity and Magnetism, Geostatistics, Computational Geophysics)
  • Workspace and research for some undergraduate and postgraduate students in Geophysics Engineering
  • Room for discussion and work on preparing publications, proceedings or journals
  • Room for coordinating practicum activities from several subjects of the Geophysics Engineering study program

Research Activities:

  • CCS Gundih Research (2013-present)
  • Bandung Basin Research (2015-present)
  • Gravity and Geomagnetic Research at Melange Complex Karanggulung (2007-present)
  • Time-lapse Microgravity Research (2008-present)
  • Gravity Gradient Vertical Research (2012-present)
  • Research with the gPhone instrument (2014-present)
  • Research on the development of the gravity inversion method (2009-present)
  • and other Community Service Research

Additional Activities (to be carried out):

  • Participated in GeGe Proceedings 2015 in December in Hong Kong (HKUST)
  • Laboratory Redecoration – Cleaning activities every semester
  • Welcome & Graduate Party for laboratory members
  • Discussion of research activities and proposals with LPPM ITB
  • Update on the website and booklet on the results of the recapitulation of Exploration Geophysics laboratory research

Documentation of Exploration Geophysics Laboratory Activities