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Laboratory – Exploration and Evaluation Techniques for Minerals

Short Description
This laboratory provides educational and research services in the field of mineral exploration and modeling technology. There are two units, namely the Exploration Engineering Unit which is focused on design planning and implementation of exploration activities. The Minerals Evaluation Unit is focused on follow-up activities after the implementation of exploration, namely in the form of modeling and evaluation of minerals with input data from exploration results. Activities in this unit will provide three main outputs, namely the deposit model, the amount of resources, and the amount of mineral reserves.

Educational Activities

  • Practical TA3201 Geostatistics for Resource Modeling
  • Practical TA3212 Geophysics of Mineral Deposits-1
  • Response TA3103 Reserve Calculation Method
  • TA3111 Exploration Engineering Response
  • Practicum TA4111 Geophysics of Mineral Deposits-2

Research Activities

  • Modeling of sulfide ore mineral deposits in Poboya, Palu, Central Sulawesi.