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Laboratory – Computational Geophysics

Laboratory Description
The geophysical computing laboratory is a laboratory under the Geophysics Engineering Study Program. The laboratory serving educational and research activities is located in the basic science center B building, floor III. This laboratory has three interconnected rooms, namely server room, practicum room and workstation room. The server room is equipped with several servers and storage as well as UPS facilities and backup media serverti magnetic tape drives. The practicum room is equipped with 18 terminal PC units. While the workstation space contains work facilities for student research in the form of 5 units of workstations. The total area of all laboratory rooms is around 96 square meters.

The server room is a special room for server facilities, storage and other input output media. The facilities available in this room are as follows.

  1. 2 IBM Blade Server units each consisting of 48 cores.
  2. 2 units of Sun Fire X4150 servers with 18 TByte of storage
  3. 10 Dell R610 Server units each consisting of 8 cores.
  4. 2 IBM X3550 servers + 2 IBM X3650 servers
  5. 2 units of Thermal Storage with a capacity of 60 Tbyte
  6. 4 units of IBM 3590 tape drives
  7. 4 UPS units

Currently, not all servers are active for reasons of electricity efficiency. Only Sun servers and a few Dell servers are activated to serve research and practical activities. The rest, only activated when needed by students and disen to perform calculations that require high CPU time and processors. Several servers in this room are equipped with seismic data processing software such as ProMAX, Omega and several seismic modeling software (Roxar, Nucleus etc.).

The practicum room is an educational service room for student practicum activities. There are three courses that routinely use the facilities in this room, namely Computational Geophysics, Geostatistics and Reflection Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing. This room can only serve a maximum of 18 students at one time. Because there were far more practicum participants, this room was used alternately, so the load on this room was quite high.

The Workstation Room is a room designated for students who are doing their Final Project research. This room contains work facilities in the form of 5 PC workstations with dual wide screens. The facilities in this room are very limited so that only a few final project students can be served.

All facilities in this laboratory are provided to serve research and educational activities related to the field of geophysical computing. Research activities carried out in this laboratory include the field of reflection seismic data processing, geophysical modeling, modeling software development and data processing (imaging, modeling and processing).