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International Virtual Course “Geophysics for Engineering & Environment: from theory to practical applications”

International Virtual Course “Geophysics for Engineering & Environment: from theory to practical applications”

The International Virtual Course provides the latest trends of geophysical techniques for solving engineering and environmental problems, ranging from remote sensing to ground sensing techniques, from detection to monitoring. This course will be taught by prominent researchers in engineering & environmental geophysics as well as in geotechnical engineering from Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Serbia, and USA. This course is devoted but not limited to students majoring in Geophysics, Geology, Mining Engineering, Earth Physics, Geotechnical Engineering as well as Civil Engineering.


Course materials:

  1. Introduction to engineering & environmental geophysics
  2. Pre-earthquake processes and its impact on the environment
  3. Environmental remote sensing
  4. Meteorological satellite for weather observation
  5. Past & current research in environmental studies in Chiba university
  6. Geothermal exploration and study of active fault by using electromagnetic method
  7. Enviromental geosphere engineering
  8. Petrophysical measurements on soil samples
  9. Spectral induced polarization and its application
  10. Soil stabilization process using bioagent and its monitoring using geophysical method
  11. Introduction to FEM method for slope stability analysis
  12. Slope stability analysis: theory and its application in geotechnical engineering
  13. Fracture identification and characterization
  14. Application of machine learning in near surface geophysics


The course is equivalent to Engineering  & Environmental Geophysics (TG-4142): 3 credits

Certificate and transcript available to participants.



Admission & Registration


Further Information

  • Please visit: https://admission.itb.ac.id/home/summer-courses/ivc21-152
  • Or, please contact:
    • Dr.rer.nat. Ir. Wahyudi W. Parnadi (email: wahyudi[at]gf.itb.ac.id)
    • Dr. Indra Gunawan (email: gunawan[at]geoph.itb.ac.id)
    • Ramadhani Yasyfi Cysela, S.Si. (email: ramadhaniyasyfi[at]fttm.itb.ac.id)