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Dean’s List FTTM ITB Semester II 2021/2022

Dean’s List FTTM ITB Semester II 2021/2022

FTTM ITB – FTTM held a Dean’s List and Study Program Introduction event which was held on Friday and Saturday, 9 & 10 September 2022. This event was held offline in 2 different places, on the first day FTTM held a Dean’s List and Program Introduction The study at the Ganesha campus, precisely in the ITB West Hall building, was intended for FTTM Ganesha students, while the next day on September 10, 2022, the event was held at the ITB Jatinangor campus, in the GKU 2 building, to accommodate FTTM Cirebon students. This event aims to provide further information regarding what study programs will be chosen by TPB students, while the Dean’s List event is an appreciation from FTTM for students who have good academic scores, namely NR above 3.5.

Dean’s List Atmosphere at West Hall ITB 2022

The Dean’s List award by the dean of FTTM ITB Prof. Ridho

Recipient of Dean’s List from Cirebon Geophysical Engineering


The FTTM Dean’s List Award was given to 59 Mining Engineering Undergraduate Students (Cirebon and Ganesha), 187 Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate Students (Cirebon and Ganesha), 55 Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Students (Cirebon and Ganesha), and 79 Study Program Students Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM) Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Among them there are students who get NR 4.00, namely:


  1. 12121048 Ferry Harsono (Teknik Pertambangan – Ganesa)
  2. 12219002 Thariq Kemal (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  3. 12219008 Kezia Tiomarina Mutiara T (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  4. 12219020 Ghaniy Karisma Prameswari (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  5. 12219025 Alief Rachman Surya Putra (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  6. 12219042 Rachmah Ken Ardelia D P (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  7. 12219047 Rocky Yan Classica (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  8. 12219052 Rai Tiara Subita Dewi (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  9. 12219058 Shirley (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  10. 12219064 Sella Lorenza Akbar (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  11. 12219077 Destry Paradita (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  12. 12219083 Samuel Dacosta Lubis (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  13. 12219084 Ameera Farhah Fildzah Azzani (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  14. 12219097 Salsabila Putri Aurelia (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  15. 12220061 Devanto Wicaksono Soekardi (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  16. 12220094 Alfiannisa Nur Afifah (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  17. 12220115 Afgha Izzam Tursina (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  18. 12220127 Rizqy Auliya Nur Rasyid (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  19. 12220150 Nur Shafa Erinda (Teknik Perminyakan – Ganesa)
  20. 12319130 I Komang Agus Aditya P (Teknik Geofisika – Cirebon)
  21. 12319137 Adinda Aisyah Rahman (Teknik Geofisika – Cirebon)
  22. 12519025 Aura Dwi Saputri (Teknik Metalurgi- Ganesa)
  23. 12519027 Fauzi Rizky Ananda (Teknik Metalurgi- Ganesa)
  24. 12520002 Albert Suryadinata (Teknik Metalurgi- Ganesa)
  25. 12520010 Musholizaky Aflahal Mu’min (Teknik Metalurgi- Ganesa)
  26. 12520020 Made Dhaneswara Pranakusuma (Teknik Metalurgi- Ganesa)
  27. 12520070 Hausan Kiblatullah Ham (Teknik Metalurgi- Ganesa)


NR 4 motivation from the Dean’s List awardee representatives

After reading the names of the recipients of the Dean’s List Semester I 2021/2022 award, the event continued with a presentation on “Learning Motivation” at ITB by representatives of the recipients of the Dean’s List award. Then the event is filled with information on the introduction of the study program submitted by each Head of the Study Program. In this session, new students will get detailed information about the curriculum of the study program they will choose later.


SK Dekan No 174 Pemberian Penghargaan Dean’s List Semester II 2021 2022