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International Virtual Courses: Towards Zero Emissions Mining

International Virtual Courses: Towards Zero Emissions Mining

The Summer Courses Program is designed to serve students and professionals to study in ITB Campus. This course will address the global issue of net zero emission and sustainable development goals in the mining industry. Mining, as one of the oldest human/business activities in the world, conducted to fulfill the minerals and fuels demand for civilization will require special attention on its activity, particularly considering the preparation towards zero emission mining in order to accommodate global targets on carbon emission reduction and SDGs.


  1. Analytical Framework
  2. Firm understanding of the latest issues in mining industries
  3. Certificate of competence/completion* (equivalent to 3 credit hours from Institut Teknologi Bandung and invaluable experience learning from the experts)


For further information, please visit the link of each offered below


*There are registration fees to join this course; however this fee shall be returned after the completion of the course for ITB students. Please note that the IVC is a non-reguler program of ITB, therefore post-test and assignment shall be finished prior to obtaining the grade.

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