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Course Drilling Fluids

Course Drilling Fluids

Course Drilling Fluids dengan instruktur Prof. Dr. -Ing. Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun menyajikan beberapa topik menarik yang akan didapatkan diantaranya :

  1. Functions of drilling fluids
  2. Composition of water base mud
  3. Clay Chemistry
  4. Rheology
  5. Products and systems
  6. High performance
  7. Oil and synthetic based mud products and systems
  8. Lost circulation
  9. Stuck pipe problems
  10. HPHT challenges
  11. HPHT applications and systems
  12. Hole cleaning
  13. Virtual hydraulics and real time measurements
  14. Reservoir drill-in fluid system
  15. Completions fluid
  16. Well clean up and displacement procedures
  17. Solid control equipment
  18. Emerging technologies
  19. Course review and wrap up

Info lebih lanjut dan registrasi dapat menghubungi:

Firda Izzaturohmah (0821-1251-3551 atau firdaizt@itb.ac.id)
Witan Ermintan (0818-639-361 atau witan@itb.ac.id)

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