Laboratory and Computational Facilities

Research Collaboration & Publication
Laboratory and Computational Facilities

To support the studies in order to be effective, FTTM have been 28 laboratories each coordinated by a Laboratory Manager.


  1. Minerals Exploration & Evaluation : Dr. Eng. Syafrizal
  2. Mineralogy, Microscopes and Geochemistry : Dr. Ir. Agus Haris Widayat, MT.
  3. Hydrogeology and Hidrogeokimia : Dr. Ir. Irwan Iskandar, MT.
  4. Geomechanics & Mining Equipment : Dr. Eng. Ir. Ganda Marihot Simangunsong, MT.
  5. Mining Environment : Prof. Dr. Ir. Rudy Sayoga Gautama Benggolo
  6. Mining Valuation and Planning : Prof. Dr. Ir. Budi Sulistianto, MT.
  7. Mineral Economics and Computing : Dr.Eng. Fadhila Achmadi Rosyid, ST., MT.
  8. Processing of Minerals : Dr. Ir. Edy Sanwani, MT.
  9. Analysis of Mineral and Coals : Dr. Ir. Ismi Handayani, MT.
  10. Solid Oxide System : Prof. Dr. Ir. Syoni Soepriyanto, M.Sc.
  11. Pyrometallurgy : Dr. Ing. Ir. Zulfiadi Zulhan, MT.
  12. Alloy Development and Characterization : Dr. Eng. Ir. Akhmad Ardian Korda, MT.
  13. Hydro and Electrometallurgy : Dr. Mont. Ir. Mohammad Zaki Mubarok, MT.
  14. Reliability Metals and Corrosion : Dr. Ir. Eddy Agus Basuki, M.Sc.
  15. Instrumentation and Electronics Geophysics : Dr. Tedy Setiawan
  16. Computational Geophysics : Dr. Alfian Bahar, MT.
  17. Engineering and Environmental Geophysics : Dr. rer. nat. Wahyudi W. Parnadi
  18. Seismology and Geodynamics : Dr. Afnimar, M.Sc.
  19. Volcanology and Geothermal : Dr. Andri Dian Nugraha, S.Si., M.Si.
  20. Characterization and Modeling Physical Properties of Rocks : Prof. Satria Bijaksana, Ph.D.
  21. Geophysical Exploration : Dr. Eko Januari Wahyudi
  22. Petroleum Engineering Computation : Ir. Zuher Syihab, M.Sc., Ph.D.
  23. Geothermal Engineering : Dr. Eng. Ir. Sutopo, M.Eng.
  24. Reservoir Engineering : Dr. Ir. Taufan Marhaendrajana, M.Sc.
  25. Production Computing : Dr. Ir. Amega Yasutra, MT.
  26. Production Optimization : Silvya Dewi Rachmawati, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.
  27. Well Stimulation : Sudjati Rachmat, Prof. Dr. Ir., DEA
  28. Drilling and Production : Dr. Ing. Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun
  29. Geophysical Reservoir: Sigit Sukmono, M.Sc.
Internet Access

The information and internet system of FTTM is connected to the main network system of ITB. The internet network system of ITB is managed by Unit Sumberdaya Informasi (USDI, Information Resource Unit). USDI is also responsible for maintaining the main ITB servers (official www site, DNS, gateway etc.) including the IP numbers for each study program in ITB. Currently, the main internet academic and research connection, ITB relies on ISP Lintas Arta 54 Mbps, OpenIXP 120 Mbps, and The Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN) 600 Mbps.


To have an internet connection, academic society members should register and provide a monthly payment of around Rp 10,000 or US$ 1.0 for 750 MB/day limit access. This limit value is considered adequate as the local data transfer (download/upload) is not counted. A total internet bandwidth for normal usage is usually 200-300 mb/day.


The students’ access to the internet can be done in Computer labs or by using wi-fi access within the vicinity of FTTM building. The wi-fi spots are available in every floor of the FTTM building.