Center of Research Excellence (CoRE)

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Center of Research Excellence (CoRE)

Center of Research Excellence (CoRE) in Underground Mining and Mining Safety (UMMS) is one manifestation of the contribution of ITB in addressing the nation’s problems in the mining sector. CoRE UMMS is focused on research on Underground Mining and Mining Safety. CoRE UMMS is expected to be a research center with good equipment and access to cooperation with government and mining industry so research can be conducted by researchers all over Indonesia that in the end the principle of good mining in Indonesia specifically and in the world generally applicable. CoRE UMMS consists of several research focuses related to underground mining and K3 mining activities. The focus of the research is:

  • Underground Mine Planning : Research and assessment of the process and planning for mining activities of underground mining methods.
  • Underground Mine Operation : Research and assessment of aspects of underground mining operations.
  • Mine Safety Studio : Practice and simulation related to K3 principles in mining.
  • Heat Transfer, Gas and Dust Diffusion and Dispersion : Research and assessment of the process of heat transfer and the movement of underground gas and dust.
  • Coal Spontaneous Combustion Analysis : Research and assessment of coal swabakar properties.
  • Underground Mine Fire and Explosion Analysis : Research and assessment of the factors that cause and influence the event of mining fires and mine explosions, for the purposes of prevention and treatment of such hazards.
  • Subsurface and Underground Mine Ventilation : Research and assessment of the process and planning of ventilation systems in underground apertures (eg transport tunnels, underground facilities, and underground mining).

Facilities contained in CoRE UMMS are:

  • Study Room : This room is used for learning activities, discussions, training and others. In the room there are facilities: twelve unit desks, blackboards and a set of computers.
  • Testing Room : This room is used to perform various tests with laboratory scale. This room is sealed on each test spot.
  • Test Equipment : The existing test equipment on CoRE UMMS are Test equipment swabakar on coal, Gas tunnel distribution testing equipment, Measuring equipment is related to discharge and air pressure, Measuring equipment related to air temperature and humidity, Computer for modeling equipped with mine vent software

The activities undertaken in CoRE UMMS are:

  • Laboratory-scale experiments and tests for undergraduate students : Seminars and training for students, especially those related to underground mining and mining safety issues