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Project for Technology Development of Steam-spot Detection and Sustainable Resource Use for Large Enhancement of Geothermal Power Generation in Indonesia "Beneficial and Advanced Geothermal Use System (BAGUS)" baca lebih lanjut

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Gravity Anomaly around Mt. Pandan and Seismic evidence

Posted on14 Mei 2018
Santoso, D., Wahyudi, E.J., Kadir, W.G.A., Alawiyah, S., Nugraha, A.D., and Parnadi, W.W. Geophysical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung   In order to understand the subsurface structure of Mt. Pandan, the Geophysical Engineering Team, Institute Technology of Bandung Team conducted gravity...
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Estimating Radius of Investigation and Radius of Desorption in CBM Reservoirs by the Used of Field Production Performance Data

Posted on30 Apr 2018
Dedy Irawan, Doddy Abdassah, Zuher Syihab, Ratnayu Sitaresmi Petroleum Engineering Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia. Petroleum Engineering Department, UniversitasTrisakti, Jakarta, Indonesia.   Reserves estimation and classification in reservoirs are important step in the CBM field development. Estimation both parameters...
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